United States District Court
for the Northern District of Georgia
Court Calendar for the Honorable Judge Brown

NOTICE: This schedule is provided for the convenience of the public. It is subject to last minute changes and should in no way be construed as a litigant's official notification of court proceedings. Only the first day of a trial or hearing will appear on this calendar. For more information regarding the estimated length of a trial, please contact the judge's individual chambers. The inclusion or omission of any matter from this calendar does not have any effect on notice to the litigants. Any discrepancy between this calendar and the scheduling notification from the Court should be brought to the attention of the appropriate judge's courtroom deputy. In addition, the Court holds numerous proceedings by telephone conference. These are not listed on this more limited calendar.

For 05/21/2018 - 06/20/2018, Last updated: 05/21/2018 at 16:53

Courtroom Proceeding Type Case Number
Nature of Case
03:00 PM
CR_1906 Motion Hearing 1:17-cv-3081
Quashie v. Olympus America, Inc. et al
28:1332 Diversity-Breach of Contract
10:00 AM
CR_1906 Motion Hearing 1:17-cv-4045
Julien et al v. Georgia Board Of Dentistry et al
15:1 Antitrust Litigation
10:00 AM
CR_1906 Change of Plea Hearing 1:18-cr-105
USA v. Brockington