Court Information

Court Details
Court's NameNorthern District of Georgia
Release NameNextGen CM/ECF Release 1.3 (Revision 1.3.3)
ECF Go Live Date07/15/2004
Maximum PDF File Size30MB
Maximum Merge Document Size150 MB
Threshold for Large Docket Sheet Warning (Entries)Not Set
Case Number FormatO:YY-TY-#####-INI-RIN example: 1:19-mi-00185-ELR

Court Locations
Court's Name Northern District of Georgia
Court's Address United States Courthouse, 75 Ted Turner Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30303-3361
Court's Phone Number 404-215-1655
Court's Hours 8:00am - 4:45pm, M-F
Court's Name Northern District of Georgia - Gainesville Division
Court's Address United States Courthouse, 121 Spring Street-Room 201, Gainesville, GA 30501
Court's Phone Number 678-450-2760
Court's Name Northern District of Georgia - Newnan Division
Court's Address Lewis R. Morgan Federal Bldg. & Courthouse, 18 Greenville Street, Newnan, GA 30264
Court's Phone Number 678-423-3060
Court's Name Northern District of Georgia - Rome Division
Court's Address United States Courthouse, 600 East First Street, Rome, GA 30161
Court's Phone Number 706-378-4060

Court Offices

Pacer Details
Pacer's AddressPACER Service Center, P.O. Box 780549, San Antonio, TX 78278-0549
Pacer's Phone Number(800) 676-6856 or (210) 301-6440 if residing in the San Antonio area
Pacer's Email

Flag Definitions
0monthsNo Discovery Track
12months12-Month Discovery Track
2241Habeas Corpus (Federal)
2254Habeas Corpus (State)
2255Motion to Vacate Sentence
3JDGPNLThree Judge Panel
4months4-Month Discovery Track
6months6-Month Discovery Track
8months8-Month Discovery Track
9months9-Month Discovery Track
AJBReferred to Judge Baverman
CASREFCase referred
CCBReferred to Judge Bly
CCBLC1Judge Bly's Law Clerk 1
CCBLC2Judge Bly's Law Clerk 2
CCHReferred to Judge Hagy
CLASSClass Action
CLOSEDCase Closed
CMSReferred to Judge Salinas
COMPLEXCase Complex
CONSOLCase Consolidated - Member Case
CVBCentral Violations Bureau
CertRdyTrlDefendant Certified Ready for Trial
CrProSeServeCriminal Dft Pro Se - Manually Serve
DAVISDavis 2255
DEATHDeath Penalty Case
ECSReferred to Judge Scofield
FIRSTSTEPFirst Step Act - 2255
GGBReferred to Judge Brill
HABEASHabeas Corpus
JCFReferred to Judge Fuller
JFKReferred to Judge King
JKLReferred to Judge Larkins
JMFReferred to Judge Feldman
JSAReferred to Judge Anand
LEADCase Consolidated - Lead Case
LONGEstimated Trial Time-Long
LTDREFLimited Referral
LTWReferred to Judge Walker
MDLMulti-District Litigation
MEDIUMEstimated Trial Time-Medium
MJSELECTMagistrate Judge Selected
MLBLC3Judge Brown's Law Clerk 3
MOTREFMotion referred
PROTOProtective Order
REFMOTReferring Motion
REHAIFRehaif 2255
REOPENCase Reopened
RGVReferred to Judge Vineyard
SDGLC1Judge Grimberg's Law Clerk 1
SDGLC2Judge Grimberg's Law Clerk 2
SDGLC3Judge Grimberg's Law Clerk 3
SEALEDCase Sealed
SEAL_MaterialSealed Material Filed
SHORTEstimated Trial Time-Short
SSCReferred to Judge Cole
STAYCase Stayed
SUBMDJSubmission to District Judge
SUBMMGSubmission to Magistrate Judge
TILTruth In Lending Case
TROTemporary Restraining Order
TitleVIIEmployment Discrimination - Title VII
TransSupTransfer of Supervision
WEJReferred to Judge Johnson
WMRLC1Judge Ray's Law Clerk 1
WMRLC2Judge Ray's Law Clerk 2

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